Those are most of my main co-authors represented as a network with auto-detected modules in different colors. The size of the nodes is proportional to the number of papers we have toguether. In red you can see a mix of core collaborators (R. Winfree, R. Rader, O. Godoy, … ) along with people I only coautherd one paper with them. Then we can clearly identify my PhD network in light green (M. Vilà, I. Steffan-Dewenter, …), my long standing collaboration with D. Sol in Yellow, Jamie Stavert Thesis in light blue and the people I collaborated during my postdoc at Rutgers in dark blue. Other groups seems a bit more aleatory and probably emerge from muti-authored synthesis papers.

Data is extracted from Google Schoolar using the scholarnetwork package and visualized using igraph and visNetwork.